Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Kuwaitis Use Honey to Ward of Swine Flu

Kuwait Honey Sales Rise on Swine Flu Fears
By Elsa Baxter, Arabian Business, 9/8/2009

Honey sales in Kuwait rose 20 percent last month as people concerned about the spread of swine flu attempted to boost their immune system naturally.

Traditional medicine expert Youssef Al-Faresi told KUNA news agency that people were taking honey to ward off the H1N1 virus because of a lack of official vaccines…

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basuappear said...

May the bee be preserved! And may it be a reason for us to invest further time into assisting the wider usage of other Prophetic medicines!
Stay away from Swine flu vaccines! They are just a money making fad that have not been well researched in the slightest.. keep people scared, keep them dumb!