Monday, September 14, 2009

Dog’s Burns Treated with Honey

Lady's Recovery from Burns is a Miracle
This is Cornwall, 9/10/2009

A much loved Alsatian dog is making good progress after being terribly burned in a house fire.

Lady was buried under a blanket of flaming ceiling tiles, when the cottage caught alight.

Owner Cyril Bond, 77, managed to rescue his other dog Toby, but was forced out by the smoke when he tried to find Lady.

Fire-fighters eventually found her buried in the debris. She was taken to Rosemullion Vets at Camborne for emergency treatment, and is now undergoing long-term care at Cornwall Animal Hospital at Treleigh.

She suffered severe burns all along her spine and down one side of her body.

Amanda Manley, a vet at Cornwall Animal Hospital, said: "Lady had horrendous injuries, which became infected. We treated the burns with Manuka honey and we are changing her dressings every two days.

"She would never have survived without treatment. They are very painful injuries, but she's a very good-natured dog. She needs long-term treatment which we are providing at cost."…

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