Thursday, September 17, 2009

Charles Mraz Apitherapy Course & Conference Dec. 4-6 in NY

This is a special event for the American Apitherapy Society – not only are we holding our 14th CMACC, but we are also celebrating our 20th Anniversary.

CMACC will feature AAS’s world class apitherapy core Course, followed by the Conference with advanced topics and practical hands-on workshops, all given by our expert and experienced faculty and guest speakers. In the past, most people attend the course, conference, and the dinner. And many people attend CMACC several times, to benefit from new information and to network.

Plan to attend the “Bee Ball Banquet” where we shall honor individuals who have worked with AAS and have helped put Apitherapy “on the map” in the United States.

The Adria Hotel & Conference Center is located in a quiet neighborhood in Bayside, Queens, away from the bustle of NYC, yet accessible in 20 minutes by bus or train to NYC. In addition, the hotel is 15 minutes from LaGuardia, 20 minutes from JFK, and easily reached by many adjacent highways…

For more information, including costs, the registration form, information about hotel rooms, and for the CMACC Program, check the AAS website, at or call the AAS office at (631) 470-9446, or the AAS Treasurer at (207) 865-9016.

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