Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Greek Shop Offers Apitherapy Products

Centuries of Nectar in the Heart of Mykonos
By Necee Regis, The Boston Globe, 9/23/2009

…Nektar and Ambrosia is a 200-year-old family-run business that uses nectar from hives on the island and in Nafplion, a town in the Peloponnese. Eighty acres on Mykonos alone are covered with over 1,000 varieties of wildflowers…

He believes that stings are good for arthritis, and other illnesses “because the bees eat pollen that goes into the sting.’’ Quoting statistics from studies in Italy, Reppas adds, “The sting goes into the whole system like a human growth hormone.’’

The store also sells royal jelly, a substance secreted from the salivary glands of worker bees as food for the larvae. Reppas, who occasionally trades this product for fresh seafood with the aforementioned fisherman, recommends it to boost energy levels. “Royal jelly has vitamins and amino acids,’’ he says. “It’s a natural steroid.’’ He suggests putting a little jelly on the end of a toothpick and placing it under the tongue, followed by a spoon of honey and pollen

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