Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Study Shows Honey Wound Dressings Stimulate Cell Growth

Triticum Press Release, September 10, 2009

We are proud to announce today’s publication by prof. Donald Du Toit and Ben Page on the cell toxicity of honey and silver dressings in the influential Journal of Woundcare. Their thorough in vitro research at the Stellenbosch University was to determine whether L-Mesitran Hydro and silver products either stimulate cell growth or kill growth (cytoxicity).

They conclude that:


- Significantly stimulates the growth of new cells (keratinocytes and fibroblasts);
- Results in a good new cell structure without abundant scar formation
- Is not cytotoxic;
- Has great advantages over silver products, especially when wound healing is the objective.


- Has a high kill rate of cells and is cytotoxic;
- The remaining cells are generally non vital;
- Silver has a negative effect on the migration and the shape of cells;
- After three weeks all keratinocytes and fibroblasts were eliminated!

The researchers emphasize that on the basis of these robust scientific results, they support the continued use of honey-impregnated dressings by wound care practitioners. They do not recommend the use of silver dressings for wound healing.

The article will be available from the website of the Journal of Wound Care or alternatively you will be able to find an abstract via Pubmed shortly.

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