Saturday, September 19, 2009

Royal Jelly Recommended for Defense Against Flu

Natural Health from A to Z
By Margaret Durst, Mason County News, 9/16/2009

Flu – we all want to avoid it. Here are some natural options that will help build your immunity so you do not get it.

Olive leaf enhances immune function and fights all types ofa infections, including the flu virus. I see many people who tell me that they have not been sick since they began taking olive leaf daily. With olive leaf, quality is very important. The active component, oleuropein, should be 18% at a minimum. The best brands contain over 20% oleuropein.

Elderberry is another good preventive herb. It is known for keeping viruses from replicating. Elderberry is a mild herb that can be taken daily, and has some positive side effects – its antioxidant properties help reduce LDL cholesterol and it is good for vision. I recommend a blend of elderberry, echinacea, olive and royal jelly called Elderberry Defense for prevention...

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