Saturday, September 12, 2009

Nanofiltration Efficient at Concentrating Propolis Extracts

Concentration of Flavonoids and Phenolic Compounds in Aqueous and Ethanolic Propolis Extracts Through Nanofiltration
Journal of Food Engineering, Article in Press

Propolis has a variable and complex chemical composition with high concentration of flavonoids and phenolic compounds present in the extract. The extract varies with the solvent used in extraction. Ethanol extracts more phenolic acid and polar compounds than water.

Before their use in industry, extracts must be concentrated but the use of high temperatures can degrade some compounds. Membrane processes is an option that allows concentration at low temperatures.

Nanofiltration was carried out with aqueous and ethanolic extracts and each extract results in two distinct fractions: permeate and retentate. The capacity of the membrane to retain the compounds was verified by spectrophotometric analysis…

Thus, the nanofiltration process showed high efficiency in the concentration of propolis extracts.

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