Sunday, September 20, 2009

Royal Jelly Production Recommended to Reduce Poverty

Reducing Poverty Through Beekeeping
By Emmanuel Nyatsikor

Ho, Sept. 15, GNA - Researchers say the Government's efforts at reducing poverty in the country especially in the rural areas could be given a boost if apiculture or beekeeping were taken as a serious venture.

Not many people know that honey, which is the main product of beekeeping, has other by-products some of which are vital inputs in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. Besides those, beeswax, a major by-product of honey making is also used by textile industries as a major raw material, and for candles and polishes too.

Royal jelly or "bee milk", a highly nutritious mixture produced by bees is used in making jelly chocolate candy and wine, lotions and tonics for therapeutic use…

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