Monday, March 13, 2006

Apitherapy Used to Treat Cerebral Palsy in Ukraine

International Clinic of Rehabilitation

Objective: Supporting the entire body thanks to the local action of the bee poison (apitoxin) (for improving circulation of the blood and the metabolism) and to the systemic action of the bee poison (stimulating metabolism, immune strength, hormone levels, circulation of the blood), which affects the entire body.

Method: The therapeutic properties of bee products such as bee poison, honey and wax have been known since medicine was practised in ancient times; today, they are researched as to their chemical composition and effective mechanisms.

Direct bee poison is not used in the rehabilitation centre; the sting is removed from the bee and introduced into the patient's skin where desired. This leads to a reduction in the patient's fear and pain factors and to a simpler dosing and determination of where the bee poison needs to be applied for exploiting its local effect. Beeswax is used therapeutically in the form of hot compresses, applied once per day on various parts of the body.

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