Monday, March 13, 2006

Doctor: Only Pure Honey is Effective Against Diseases

African News Dimension (South Africa), 3/12/2006

ONE of the most popular “drugs” in our society today is honey. Apart from having medicinal values, honey to many people is also a good food, especially those who doesn’t like sugar and the diabetics.

Honey also wards off many ailment and diseases and therefore, it has been regarded as a God-given drug, which has been proven to have various uses. Some even called it “universal medicine”.

But honey may not be able to fight any ailment or cure certain diseases if it is not pure. It thus means that whenever we want to use honey for any healing purpose, we should endeavour to look for the pure one.

These were the words of Dr. Nurudeen Animasaun when responding to a question on the reason why some type of honey are not effective in curing some ailments and diseases...

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