Monday, March 20, 2006

China to Publicize New Standard for Royal Jelly

Xinhua China Economic Information Service, 3/20/2006

TIANJIN, March 20 (CEIS) – A new national standard for royal jelly, a popular bee product in China, is likely to be publicized in the first half of 2006 in a bid to eliminate fake royal jelly rampant in domestic market, Luo Shangye, vice president of China’s Bee Products Association (CBPA) said here on March 16.

It is learned that the former recommended standard will be replaced by the new compulsory standard, which stipulates a minimum content of 10-HAD (unique ingredient in royal jelly that can enhance human body’s anti-disease mechanism and immunity) should not be less than 1.4 percent.

According to a selective examination conducted by the CBPA in 2004, about 20-30 percent of the royal jelly products are unqualified, mostly lacking of nutrition…

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