Thursday, March 23, 2006

Study: Honey Wound Dressings ‘Warrant Further Investigation’

Honey Dressing Versus Paraffin Tulle Gras Following Toenail Surgery
Journal of Wound Care, 2006 Mar;15(3):133-6

OBJECTIVE: Anecdotal reports suggest that certain honey dressings have a positive effect on wound healing. However, there is limited empirical evidence supporting its use.This double-blind randomised controlled trial investigated the effect of a honey dressing on wound healing following toenail surgery with matrix phenolisation…

CONCLUSION: The results suggest that patients may benefit more from paraffin tulle gras dressings than honey dressings following partial toenail avulsion. No statistically significant difference was found for healing times after total toenail avulsion, although the marginal benefit of the honey dressing on these healing times warrants further investigation.

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