Wednesday, March 15, 2006

EU to Ban Brazilian Honey Over Lack of Residue Controls

Brazil Targets to Avoid EU Ban on Honey Imports
Correio do Brasil, 3/15/2006

Brazilian Agriculture Ministry announced on March 14, 2006 its plans to contact the European Union (EU) with the aim to avoid ban on Brazilian honey scheduled to enter in force on March 17, 2006.

The EU is expected to ban the imports of Brazilian honey due to the lack of control on biological residue in the products exported by the country. The Brazilian Government allegedly did not receive any official newsletter from the EU as regards to problems with biological residue in the Brazilian honey products.

According to the Agriculture Ministry, Brazil plans to monitor the honey for existence of residues under the National Programme for Control of Biological Residues (PNCR). The plan envisages the analysis of 19,613 samples in 2006. The programme envisages monitoring of these products with the aim to determine definitively whether they contain any biological residues…

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