Monday, March 27, 2006

Medicinal Use of Honey in Islam

Honey: Medicine of the Qur’an for All Diseases (Part 2 of 2)
Dr. Qazi Shaikh Abbas Borhany, Yemen Times, 3/27/2006

Scientific research that is in accordance with Sharia has helped us a lot in understanding some honey issues in much greater depth. A Hadith points out a tradition that says, “If it is used at least thrice in a month at early morning, the one who uses it will remain safe from diseases.”…

The Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) drank honey in the early morning and in the afternoon. The Sunnat is a blessing if one has no doubt. The user achieves two advantages simultaneously: one is physical, which is a cure, and the other is spiritual blessing.

Sayedna Abdullah bin Abbas provided the Hadith, “You have sources of cure and remedies – Qur’an and honey.”…

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