Monday, March 20, 2006

Cosmetics Magnate Began with Bee Products

Cosmetics Magnate Not Ready to Retire
Theresa Campbell, Daily Sun (USA), 3/20/2006

THE VILLAGES — Women worldwide can thank new Villages resident Audrey Morris for their favorite cosmetics and skin creams.

It may be one of The Villages’ best-kept secrets that Morris’ company, Audrey Morris Cosmetics and Skincare International Inc., creates many of the products women here and across the globe use. Her company manufactures high-quality, private-label skin care and cosmetics for large and small clients worldwide, including salons, dermatologists, estheticians, professional beauty schools, modeling agencies, spas, celebrities and well-known make-up artists…

Morris recalled her favorite college subjects were science and chemistry, so creating cosmetics came natural to her. And she wanted products that were good for the skin. She grew up in a family who preferred using natural ingredients for skin care — honey, glycerin, almond meal, natural rose water and witch hazel — and that also played a role in her skin care creations.

Morris recalled her father had a hobby of raising bees, and he collected the bee pollen, honey and wax that he believed also would help many skin problems when mixed with citrus, camphor or other ingredients. She felt the same. The new skin care treatments and colors were tested on her family and herself before marketing them to students and boutique customers.

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