Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Chinese Milk and Honey Drink Promotes Quality Sleep

Nestle Launches New Product in China
Comtex News Network/Sinocast, 3/20/2006

SHANGHAI - Nestle, the world leading foods group, announced it would produce a kind of milk powder suitable for drinking before sleep.

Mengniu Dairy, who is working on promoting "Good Night" milk, expressed that the potential of sleeping milk is great.

Nestle revealed that it added vitamins and longan honey in its new products, which enhance milk's characteristic of tempting people to sleep. Nestle dairy products business director Zhao Shide said, "Chinese customers clearly realized that foods play an important role in defending diseases and promoting quality sleep to keep fit. And the hot milk added with honey is considered as the best drink for sleeping."…

Actually, it is Bright Dairy & Food that has first introduced sleeping milk to Chinese market and their products have taken a firm position in Shanghai market.

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