Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Free ‘Bee-Friendly’ Seeds Offered in CCD Public Service Announcement

Burt's Bees Sets Out to Rescue Its Own
Burt's Bees Partners with NAPPC to Raise Awareness of Colony Collapse Disorder

DURHAM, N.C., Nov. 5 /PRNewswire/ -- The mysterious disappearance of bees, called Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD), is a growing threat to honey bees, the mainstay of pollination services in agriculture. Bee-friendly, natural personal care company Burt's Bees is addressing this environmental issue by developing a campaign with co-founder Burt Shavitz that will raise consumer awareness through PSA distribution, online marketing and consumer sampling efforts. Burt's Bees will also partner with the North American Pollinator Protection Campaign (NAPPC) both with research funding as well as a heightened awareness push later this year.

On November 2nd, Burt's Bees will hit the big screen with a new cinema campaign to raise awareness of CCD. Burt's Bees public service announcement run in nationwide cinemas will coincide with the theatrical debut of "BEE MOVIE," the highly anticipated DreamWorks Animation SKG movie co-written by and starring Jerry Seinfeld opposite Academy Award(R) winner Renee Zellweger.

The new PSA highlights the fact that every third bite of food we eat depends on bees for pollination, and features Burt's Bees co-founder Burt Shavitz talking about the important role bees play in agriculture. "We believe the bees' survival depends on how we manage and protect our world," he says. "Burt's Bees is funding research to help find a solution, and you can help too. Support your local organic farmer. Plant a seed. Make a healthy place for the bees to live." The spot also urges audiences to visit www.burtsbees.com to sign up to receive a free packet of seeds to grow bee- friendly flowers and learn more about Colony Collapse Disorder…

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