Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Malaysian Spa Uses Beeswax ‘Ear Candles’ to Treat Migraines

Johor Buzz: Pamper Your Face
By Kamachy Habimanan, New Straits Times (Malaysia), 11/28/07

Pusat Kecantikan Mutiara Manja, located on the first floor of Pekan Rabu, is one place where you can be sure of a good facial without digging deep into your pocket…

The centre is also popular for its ear-candling treatment.

"Ear-candling, or coning, is a method of cleaning the ears. A hollow candle is stuck into the ear and lit, sucking out earwax. It traps dust and dirt, helps fight infections and reduce migraines...

(Editor's note: Ear candles are normally cones made of cloth and beeswax.)

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