Monday, November 19, 2007

Book Review - ‘Honey: A Modern Wound Management Product’

Honey: A Modern Wound Management Product
Edited by RJ White, RA Cooper, P Molan
Wounds, Volume 19 - Issue 9 - September 2007

Honey:A Modern Wound Management Product is a timely addition to the knowledge base that concentrates on the use of honey in modern wound management. Richard White, Rose Cooper, and Peter Molan—all experts in their respective fields, have made invaluable contributions to this text. Published by Advancis Medical in 2005, this is the only book available that is dedicated to this particular wound treatment modality.The book comprises 10 insightful chapters with contributions from 9 additional authors.This well-organized text is enjoyable to read and features photographs, flow charts, and algorithms.The book is also unique in that the contributors are a multidisciplinary group and hail from across the globe...

Honey: A Modern Wound Management Product is suited to both specialist and generalist practitioners or for anyone interested in gaining a greater understanding of the role of honey in wound management.The rapid evolution in wound healing research, and the continued publication of in-vitro and in-vivo studies that involve honey substantiate the fact that although such materials were published in 2005, the literature will require an update within 5 years.

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