Sunday, November 11, 2007

Colony Collapse Disorder May Affect Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Evidence-based Compl. and Alt. Medicine, Volume 4, Number 3 Pp. 275-277

…To give you an idea of what the world would lose with the disappearance of the bee, I refer to the website of in which the hive is called ‘the oldest laboratory of the world.’ In that site, the myriad aspects of honey, bee bread, propolis, royal jelly, bee venom, bee wax and bee larvae are linked to treatments of all the major pathologies from nutritional problems to arthritis, rheumatism and 23 other areas.

Of course, all these treatments do not have an evidence base but imagine how fertile the hive and its products are for evidence-based research! In this time of crisis, I hope that scientists all over the world turn their brilliant minds to the mystery of CCD and that researchers continue to seek an evidence base for the miraculous honey bee…

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