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Beeswax ‘Ear Candles’ Recommended for Ear, Nose and Throat Complaints

Doctors Wax Lyrical About Ear Candling
Mordialloc Chelsea Leader (Australia), 11/7/2006

For people unfamiliar with ear candling, the concept may sound a little strange if not dangerous. But lying down with a lit candle in the ear has many surprising benefits.

"There are significant benefits for people suffering a wide range of conditions associated with sinus and congestion problems,'' says Dr Dorian Ribush, medical director of Biosun in Australia, responsible for several innovations in ear candle design.

"It is an energetic therapy that works by activating circulation and drainage in the area. It can be used effectively for specific ear conditions such as glue ear, which is common in children, as well as for people with intractable conditions like tinnitus, sinus and migraine.''

Ear candles have now been used by German doctors and in several European hospitals for the treatment of ear, nose and throat complaints.

Ear candles have also been used extensively for relaxation purposes. "People who suffer from stress, anxiety and sleep difficulties find ear candles incredibly relaxing and often use them in the evening,'' says Dr Ribush.

Ear candles are no ordinary candles. They are made specifically for the purpose out of cotton flax stiffened with honey and pure beeswax. Their hollow design creates the drawing "chimney'' effect. A filter at the base of the candle prevents any wax or ash falling into the ear. "It's safe to use at home provided people observe the manufacturer's instructions strictly,'' Dr Ribush said…

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middletb said...

These claims for the benefits of using ear candles are complete rubbish - they do not resolve glue ear, sinusitis, remove wax blockage or anything else. In fact for adults to use them on children is dangerous - I have had under 4 year old children in my clinic with hot wax from using candles dropped down on to their lower ear canal and over the ear drum causing pain, blistering and takes either surgery to remove the wax or microscopic clearing. The resultant burning can take weeks to resolve. I am a Clinical Ear Nurse Specialist in an out patients department seeing adults and children with ear diease.

There have been studies done on the claims of these promoters of ear candles and not one has been proven.
Please check out these two papers for a start. Then look on the web for others.

Ear candles: a triumph of ignorance over science
E. Ernst, M.D., Ph.D., F.R.C.P., F.R.C.P.(Ed)

Ear Candling: A Fool Proof Method, or Proof of Foolish Methods?
Heather L. Shenk, Au.D. & Jess Dancer, Ed.D.

Both very good articles.

I do not mind what adults do to themselves but object to them subjecting their children to dangerous practices.