Monday, November 19, 2007

How to Hake an Herbal Beeswax Salve

How To Make an Herbal Salve
Amelia Tucker, BellaOnline, 11/18/2007

There are as many ways to make a good herbal salve as there are herbalists. The first thing you should consider is what a salve is. A salve is a way to apply a concentrated amount of herbal essence to heal and protect the skin. You can create different end results by varying the types of herbs, oils and thickening agents(namely wax).

I like to think of herbal salves as soothing or drawing or protecting so I know in my mind's eye what qualities I am aiming for. For a baby's bum, I want a salve with a higher ratio of wax. This is referred to as a balm. The wax helps seal out moisture so combined with the healing of the herbs, the baby's bottom benefits from a protective layer of water resistance between changes…

Here is a good recipe for salve. I use this for everything from lips to baby's bottom with great results. Again, the amount of wax is dependent on how much oil you end up with.

Olive oil
Vit. E
Essential oils of lavender, geranium and sweet orange

I create the infused oil and melt the beeswax into it. Add up to 12 drops of EOs to a quart of olive oil…


Anonymous said...

What percentage of infused oil to beeswax do you use?

Anonymous said...

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