Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Honey Helps Treat Girl’s Seasonal Allergies

Honey Has Health Benefits, Experts Say
By Moina Noor, Stamford Advocate (USA), 1/1/2008

Shelley Burr's daughter, Emily, suffers from seasonal allergies. Burr, a Weston resident, was reluctant to give her 3-year-old strong medication and nasal sprays, so she asked her pediatrician for a homeopathic remedy. He suggested honey.

So for the past year, Burr has given Emily a heaping teaspoon of honey, on toast with butter and cinnamon or in her oatmeal, every morning. She has noticed a visible difference in her daughter's health.

"Her allergy shiners, those dark sunken eyes, have disappeared," she says. "Overall, her health has improved. She was on antibiotics so many times last year for ear infections, but this year, touch wood, she hasn't had any."…

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