Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Leukemia Survivor Credits Honey for Recovery

Miraculous Recovery Sweet Tale
By Mindelle Jacobs, Edmonton Sun (Canada), 1/1/2008

It was an emotional New Year's Eve celebration for Dr. Heime Geffen and his family last night -- a toast not only to 2008 but to Geffen's mysterious survival.

They also raised their glasses to a special honey from the Holy Land that Geffen believes helped bring him back from the brink of death.

He should have been dead months ago from acute myelocytic leukemia -- a usually fatal condition caused by malignant stem cells in bone marrow.

In October 2006, Geffen, who had been treated over the years for a low-grade cancer of the lymph glands, went for a routine blood test and discovered that his white blood cell counts had dropped to perilously low levels…

The diagnosis was essentially a death sentence. Geffen's oncologist sent him home to put his affairs in order…

Then fate took a strange turn. His daughter, who was vacationing in Israel, heard about specially cultivated Israeli honey that boosts the white blood cell counts of chemo patients.

One small study on Life Mel Honey, published in the journal Medical Oncology in 2006 found that 40% of the chemo patients given the honey didn't suffer the typical drop in white blood cell counts.

Geffen's daughter sent him six bottles of Life Mel and Geffen began taking a teaspoon of the honey twice a day.

"I was skeptical," says Geffen who used to get requests from his palliative care patients for sharks' teeth and other purported cures. "I've seen these fads come and go."

Within 10 days after he began taking Life Mel, his white blood cell count began climbing. By June, his counts were normal. He was playing golf…


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