Monday, January 28, 2008

Starch Boosts Antifungal Activity of Honey

Additive Action of Honey and Starch Against Candida Albicans and Aspergillus Niger
Rev Iberoam Micol, 2007; 24:309-311

A comparative method of adding honey to culture media with and without starch was used to evaluate the action of starch on the antifungal activity of honey.

The minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC) expressed in % (v/v) for two varieties of honey without starch against Candida albicans was 42% and 46%, respectively. For Aspergillus niger the MIC without starch was 51% and 59%, respectively. When starch was incubated with honey and then added to media the MIC for C. albicans was 28% and 38%, respectively, with a starch concentration of 3.6% whereas the MIC for A. niger was 40% and 45%, with a starch concentration of 5.6% and 5.1% respectively.

This study suggests that the amylase present in honey increases the osmotic effect in the media by increasing the amount of sugars and consequently increasing the antifungal activity.


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