Sunday, January 06, 2008

Apitherapy to be Discussed at U.S. Beekeeping Conference

First National Beekeeping Conference This Week
Everyone Who's Anyone Gathers to Talk Bees, Honey, Etc.
By Kim Flottum, The Daily Green, 1/6/2008

I’m going to be at the First National Beekeeping Conference next week, held at the Doubletree Hotel in Sacramento, California...

Coming together at this meeting is absolutely, and I mean absolutely everybody who has anything to do with bees, beekeeping, honey, apitherapy, honey bee science, honey bee laws and regulations, growers of crops that need honey bee pollination, manufacturers and sellers of beekeeping equipment, books, supplies and related items, and of course regular beekeepers.

Starting off, there’s a one-day symposium on using honey for health with a host of international speakers attending to tell the us (and you, if you want to attend) why honey is good for you (according to them I should live to be about 250-years-old for all the honey I eat); another group will be here to discuss the health benefits of all the hive products including honey ... pollen (eat it on your cereal in the morning), propolis (a resin than bees collect, then add their own enzymes to for antimicrobial benefits in the hive) and all the things people are finding out about this magical substance (skin salves, sore throat lozenges, wound dressings, and more), and other medical properties of honey (wound dressings primarily, but other benefits too)...

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