Thursday, January 10, 2008

New Company Claims Health Benefits of Beeswax

Delicious Candles
Andrea Leptinsky, Boston Now (USA), 1/10/2008

…A new company, Baking Candles, is introducing its product of the same name that simply needs to be warmed in a conventional oven, convection oven or crock pot. The candle comes in pumpkin crunch, apple crisp and triple chocolate cheesecake "flavors" and only needs to be reheated - no lighters needed or dripping wax to care for.

They're all the brainchild R. Jane Zachary, who created the aromatic delights while working as a professional health researcher.

"I learned about the cancer-causing chemicals released by paraffin candles and the amazing health benefits of beeswax," she says. "This inspired me to create the beeswax Baking Candle - a natural way to clean your indoor air of germs of pollutants while making your home smell delicious."...

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