Friday, January 18, 2008

New Hive Design Patented

The new hive is claimed to produce more honey and increase the number of bees by 15 percent.

Patent: The invention relates to a device for keeping a colony of bees with less annoyance both to the bees and to the beekeeper and so improving the productivity of the hive. It consists of a hive body in bipyramidal form (1) with a pericentral plinth (5) having depressions (8) and fixing points to which may be connected projections (7) belonging to superhives (2) or to the other accessories. The whole assembly allows the bees to construct their cells in frames (3) of variable surface area assembled together by hooks which attach to specific holes in the corners of the frames (3). The bees have access to this device via the flight floor (4) suspended from the base of the hive body (1). The device of the invention is particularly intended for beekeeping.

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