Sunday, January 13, 2008

Study: Propolis Helps Prevent DNA Radiation Damage

Evaluation of the Radioprotective Effects of Propolis and Flavonoids in Gamma-Irradiated Mice
Biological & Pharmaceutical Bulletin, 31(1) 167—172 (2008)

The radioprotective effects of water-soluble derivate of propolis (WSDP) collected in Croatia, and single flavonoids, caffeic acid, chrysin and naringin in the whole-body irradiated CBA mice were investigated.

Irradiation was performed using a g -ray source (60Co), and absorbed doses were 4 and 9Gy. The efficiency of test components was evaluated when given intraperitoneally (i.p.) at dose of 100mgkg1 for 3 consecutive days before and/or after irradiation. Moreover, possible genotoxic effects of all test components were assessed on non-irradiated animals. The higher efficiency of test components was observed when given preventively.

The results suggest that propolis and related flavonoids given to mice before irradiation protected mice from lethal effects of wholebody irradiation and diminish primary DNA damage in their white blood cells as detected by the alkaline comet assay.

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