Tuesday, January 22, 2008

U.S. Firm Launches Campaign to Promote Health Benefits of Honey

Wisconsin Natural Acres Launches "Honey with Integrity" Campaign
2008 Kicks Off With Independent Lab Results Confirming Pureness of WNA's Honey

CHILTON, WI--(MARKET WIRE)--Jan 21, 2008 -- Wisconsin Natural Acres, producer of all-natural honey and home to millions of healthy, happy and thriving honeybees, today announced the launch of its 2008 Honey with Integrity campaign. The Honey with Integrity campaign will span the 2008 year, promoting the health benefits of honey, and ways it can be incorporated into a healthy lifestyle.

To launch this campaign, Wisconsin Natural Acres commissioned S-F Analytical Laboratories to test its honey for insecticides, chemicals or other foreign substances. S-F Laboratories is one of the Midwest's largest environmental, industrial and food analysis facilities, serving the testing needs of more than 4,000 clients throughout the US and Canada. Test results were overwhelmingly favorable, with no detectable amounts of organo-phosphate, chlorinated insecticides or antibiotics being found in WNA's honey...

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